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Tricare for Military Personnel Needs

Having a spouse or member of your family join the armed forces can definitely be worrisome. What if they get injured or sick? Well Tricare Liens is the medical solution that will nurse your loved one back to good health. Through the Tricare program, injured individuals can receive medical treatments to recover faster. It gets better, the military members dependents or spouse may also be eligible to obtain treatment for any injuries or personal accidents.

A lien is a way to secure payment of a debt. If one were to place a lien against the proceeds of the person who got injured, a subrogation would be processed. Luckily, the government can be reimbursed on certain amounts of money from the treatment under the United States code.
During the time the person is recovering from a personal injury, the government has the right to gather a percentage of the money given to that member. When approving the treatment, the Tricare agreement is allowed to recover damages from the personal injury settlement. However, the loop hole lies in Section 2651 in the United States code; it states that the government can not collect a percentage of the money if the injury occurred during a military action and treatment was received in a Veteran’s Hospital or care institution. In this case, money is allocated to the division who provided the care.

Our attorney’s can assist you with any military personnel needs, or if the accident happened to a spouse. We understand the lien process, so call today, as you may be a candidate.

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