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So, you got caught speeding. Now what?

If you’ve gotten a speeding ticket recently, you are probably wondering which is the best route to take in handling your citation. You do have a few different options, and there are a few things to keep in mind, as every citation differs slightly in its specifics.

When you are pulled over, the officer should tell you whether or not you must appear in court. Many traffic violations do not require you to appear in court, and you only have to send in your fine by the assigned court date.

However, by paying the fine, this also means that you are pleading guilty to the offense, and points could be added to your driving record. Having points on your driving record may also have negative effects on your car insurance rates. If you wish to contest the charges, it is smart to do so with the help of an attorney.

Some violations require a mandatory court appearance. For these citations, whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty, you must appear in court on the assigned court date. If you fail to appear, a warrant for your arrest can be issued.

Tickets requiring a mandatory court appearance can become quite a personal inconvenience. Many people who find themselves in these situations choose to hire an attorney to appear in their place. However, depending on the traffic violation, in some rare cases, you may still be required to appear in court, even if you do choose to hire a lawyer.

Traffic laws in North Carolina are numerous, and can be confusing and difficult to navigate through the court system. Choosing to hire an attorney who is familiar with the system and who has experience handling traffic tickets is the smartest option. Many times a traffic ticket lawyer can reduce your ticket or even have it dismissed completely. They may also be able to negotiate other options for you, such as traffic school.

Having legal representation, even for minor traffic violations, can put your mind at ease. Whether you are contesting the charges or you simply prefer not to rearrange your schedule in order to appear in court, we can help.

Please call the Law Office of D. Hardison Wood regarding your traffic violation, and we will discuss your options with you. Our attorneys are well experienced in handling citations for all of the following:

We handle traffic cases in Wake County, Durham County and Orange County.

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