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Domestic Violence & Child Safety

A tragic motor vehicle incident involving a young child and a relative has raised many questions about child safety & injury. The issue of domestic violence and wrongful death has been at the forefront of news coverage recently since the domestic shooting incident that took place in Cameron Village on Monday, September 9th. The estranged husband of Kathleen Bertrand confronted her outside of her place of employment and shot her multiple times following an argument, fleeing the scene. He was found hours later after killing himself in a parking deck.

This incident wasn’t an isolated one. Kathleen had sought help about domestic violence issues in the past, and had expressed fears for the safety of her children to Interact of Wake County. The need to protect these victims, especially those like the very young child who can’t protect themselves, is paramount. In cases like these wrongful death and personal injury are very common, and a lawyer can help a family navigate these tragedies.


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