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Police Officers: Dangers & Duties

A recent article from about a semi-truck striking a police cruiser illustrates the risks of the profession. A routine traffic stop was turned into a potential tragedy when a semi-truck swerved into the vehicle. Police officers are unique in that they often are forced to put themselves into harm’s way, something that can’t be said… Read more »

Employers & Worker’s Comp: What They Don’t Want You To Know

The North Carolina Industrial Commission has begun cracking down on uninsured employers since the News & Observer’s series of articles inspired action.  A recently passed NC law has added teeth to cases of employers without worker’s comp with jail time. The Commission has arranged for court appointed lawyers to be offered to some uninsured employers,… Read more »

Worker’s Comp: Rules & Regulations

An injury falls under worker’s comp if it occurs in the course and scope of employment, but what does that mean?  We have successfully obtained workers comp benefits for a claimant injured while at a company softball game.  These situations are similar to injuries that may occur in the company lunchroom or bathroom, in the company parking… Read more »

Insurance Companies and Worker’s Comp

A common thread in many Worker’s Comp cases is a lack of due diligence on the part of the defendant. There are many penalties and loopholes that insurance companies can exploit, so it’s extremely important to do your own research as well as hire an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process. Below are… Read more »

Medicare and Settling a Worker’s Comp Case

If you are on Medicare, or expect to become so in the next couple years, it can prove very difficult to settle a worker’s comp case.  Medicare will want a piece of any settlement if you are under their coverage. This piece of the settlement is set aside for future medical expenses, and the Medicare… Read more »

Worker’s Comp Tips

A common issue in worker’s comp claims is what kind of communication the insurance company can have with your doctor.  If there is a nurse case manager who comes to your appointment, they are generally only allowed to talk to your doctor while you are present.  We always advise that you be in the room… Read more »

Industrial Commission to Uninsured Companies: “Pay up or go to Jail”

The Industrial Commission has set a hearing for May 22 for companies who have had claims drag on for years. More than a dozen employers have been ordered to come to a hearing May 22 and settle a claim that has dragged for years. If the business owners don’t – and can’t settle a portion… Read more »

Adam Smith Prevails in 3-0 Decision By The NC Court of Appeals

On October 18, 2011, the North Carolina Court of Appeals ruled in our favor in the case of Denning v. N.C. Dept. of Agriculture. We represented a Sheriff’s Deputy was injured working at the North Carolina State Fair. The Deputy was a County employee, but was hired by the State to work at the Fair… Read more »

Workplace Injury Rose in 2010

The State Department of Labor released new statistics. In 2010, 48 people died on the job which is higher than the number of deaths in 2009 which was 34. According to WRAL Labor Commissioner, Cherie Berie, said in a statement, “We’ll redouble our efforts and work even harder to prevent these accidents from happening, and… Read more »

Construction Zone Accidents

According to AAA Carolinas the number of deaths in construction zones has risen by almost 50% since 1997. “Nationally, about 1,100 people lose their lives every year in work zones, an average of three deaths per day. Nearly 50,000 people are injured, or one every nine minutes of so.” According to the NC DOT, Wake… Read more »