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Children Across the U.S. Harmed by Detergent Pods

Attractive Packaging May Make Detergent Pods More Dangerous Seemingly harmless and fantastically convenient at first glance, detergent pods may in fact generate more danger than meets the eye. A recent study of data from Poison Control Centers from 2012 through 2013 suggests that the attractive and inconspicuous packaging of the pods may draw children to them…. Read more »

Sports Equipment Manufacturer STX Recalls Lacrosse Throat Protector

Do you or a loved one play lacrosse professionally, for school, or recreationally? If so, make sure you are aware of the latest product recall: STX, a manufacturer of sports equipment and apparel based in Baltimore, has recalled their Shield Throat Protector. The recall, as announced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements, comes… Read more »

Toyota Instructs Car Dealers to Cease Sales on Six Popular Models

Toyota has ordered North American car dealers to cease sales of six popular Toyota models with heated seats. The stop-sale order comes as a result of safety concerns regarding the soft material used beneath the seat covers. The fabric, which doesn’t meet flammability standards, is not manufactured to withstand flames at a certain rate. The… Read more »

Hey North Carolinians! That Lifetime Warranty You Bought Just Got Shredded

Big news out of the North Carolina Court of Appeals in a case styled: Christie v. Hartley Construction, et al. 11-CVS-2147 *pdf. Lets digest the facts quickly.  The plaintiffs in the case, Deborah and George Christie had an agreement with a custom home builder (Hartley Construction, and the GrailCo entities) to, you guessed it, build… Read more »

Boating Accidents

Just as on the road, there are rules on the water. Excessive speed that could cause harm is prohibited just like speeding down a highway. Just like accidents happen on the road, they can happen on the water as well. What do you do if you are involved in a boating accident in North Carolina?… Read more »