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18 Hospital Patients Possibly Exposed to Deadly Brain Disease

When you turn to a medical professional to handle a major heath procedure, you never expect mistakes to be made during that treatment that could potentially impact your quality of life. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen – and more often than we may like. According to reports, up to 18 patients at Forsyth Medical Center may… Read more »

Medical Malpractice Caps: A Recent Decision

Did you know that a law passed in October 2011 caps the amount of non-economic damages you can receive from a medical malpractice case? Non-economic damages refer to issues such as emotional distress, pain and suffering, etc. The current cap sits at $500,000. There are arguments to be made on both sides of the issue,… Read more »

What Patients Need to Know About PCA Pumps

A young woman was admitted to a hospital with a severe case of strep throat. The next morning she was dead. How did this happen? A recent article about the dangers of patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pumps has highlighted Amanda’s story. A PCA pump is designed to give patients a dose of opioid pain medication at… Read more »

Malpractice Changes Approved

RALEIGH, N.C. – A Republican-led effort to change North Carolina’s medical-malpractice rules and limit certain monetary damages for harmed patients cleared a significant hurdle Tuesday when a Senate judiciary panel recommended the measure. A majority on the Senate committee agreed to endorse a bill that proponents argue will stabilize malpractice insurance premiums for the long… Read more »

Ruptured Membrane Injury

A premature ruptured membrane, or more commonly known as PROM, is a serious issue and threat to the mother and unborn child. A ruptured membrane is considered premature when it occurs before 37 weeks. A pregnant mother diagnosed with a premature ruptured membrane should be cared for urgently. Often, labor and delivery are induced soon… Read more »