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Water Skiing, Tubing and Wakeboarding

Water sports are becoming increasingly popular, but result in lots of accidents. Here are some safety tips to keep your friends and loved ones safe. Wear life jackets. Make sure water skiers know the hand signals to communicate with the boat. Do not participate in water sports in the dark. Check your towing equipment to… Read more »

Don’t forget the life jackets!

Summer is here, and it’s time to enjoy water recreational activities. Whether you are into fishing, water sports or just riding on a boat, don’t forget about your life jacket. Every person aboard is required to have a life jackets, or personal floatation devices. North Carolina has specific requirements for children to keep them safe…. Read more »

New NC School Bus Safety Laws

The Senate Judiciary Committee has passed the Senate Bill 16, which revokes the driver’s license of anyone who has been penalized by breaking the school-bus stop law.  This new bill also requires a year-long suspension if the driver hits a pedestrian and a two-year-long suspension if the victim is killed in the accident. If passed… Read more »

Pool Safety and Aquatic Injuries

Avoiding Aquatic Injuries With the good weather approaching, children are drawn to water-related activities. As aquatic injury lawyers of Raleigh, we hope to help you avoid an incident above all else. Unfortunately, aquatic injuries in children are more common, and often more devastating, compared to other traumatic injuries. Parents and adult supervisors play a vital… Read more »

Domestic Violence & Child Safety

A tragic motor vehicle incident involving a young child and a relative has raised many questions about child safety & injury. The issue of domestic violence and wrongful death has been at the forefront of news coverage recently since the domestic shooting incident that took place in Cameron Village on Monday, September 9th. The estranged… Read more »

Laundry Detergent Pods Poisoning Children

Safety Warning Regarding Single-Dose Laundry Detergent Pods Parents of young children should be aware of the potential risks involving the new laundry detergent “pods” currently on the market. Brands like Tide and Dropps market these single-dose packets as a mess-and-spill-free laundry solution, but there’s been an alarming number of cases of toddlers ingesting the pods… Read more »

Hot, Hot Car

As the warmer days are upon us, we are reminded once again of the dangers of leaving children in a parked vehicle.  On May 3, a seven month old died in the Sugar Land area of Texas after he was left in a parked vehicle. On average, 38 children die each year in hot cars, reports… Read more »

Back to School

Well it is that time of year again for those students on a traditional school calendar. It is also that time of year for drivers to make sure they are aware of school zones and safety around school buses. In North Carolina drivers must stop for a school bus which is stopped and has its… Read more »

August the Deadliest Month on the Roads

According to a NHTSA report there are more American deaths related to car crashes in the month of August than any other time of the year. August has a fatality rate of 1.09 per 100 million miles traveled as compared to September with a rate of 1.08 and July which has a rate of 1.04…. Read more »

Prom Season

It’s that time of year again – high school students get dressed up and head to the prom. It is supposed to be a wonderful night full of fun, friends a good time. In an effort to boost teen driving safety, especially during the prom season, The NC Highway Patrol launched its “Drive to Live”… Read more »