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Crabtree Valley Traffic

Traffic around Crabtree Valley Mall can be a headache. Everyday traffic volume totals 40,000 to 70,000 vehicles that travel the mall area of Glenwood Avenue. The city recognizes this area as being problematic, and the Raleigh City Council is meeting to discuss solution. One option they are discussing involves limiting retail development in the area… Read more »

Boating Accidents

Just as on the road, there are rules on the water. Excessive speed that could cause harm is prohibited just like speeding down a highway. Just like accidents happen on the road, they can happen on the water as well. What do you do if you are involved in a boating accident in North Carolina?… Read more »

Flash Flood Warnings Issued – Don’t Let the Rain Damper your Day

Wake County and many other counties throughout North Carolina are under a flash flood warning. It is best to try and be prepared when driving through such conditions to avoid being the victim of a car accident. According to FEMA, flash floods can occur within a few minutes.  FEMA  has tips for driving in such conditions:… Read more »

Harnett County Man Killed in Hit-and-Run Crash

  Sunday night over the Memorial Day weekend, 38-year-old David Schultz of Sanford, NC died in a hit-and-run crash after being dragged several feet by a vehicle on Ponderosa Road, just north of Highway 27 in Harnett County. Schultz was walking, intoxicated, in the middle of the road when he was hit at approximately 11:45… Read more »

New NC School Bus Safety Laws

The Senate Judiciary Committee has passed the Senate Bill 16, which revokes the driver’s license of anyone who has been penalized by breaking the school-bus stop law.  This new bill also requires a year-long suspension if the driver hits a pedestrian and a two-year-long suspension if the victim is killed in the accident. If passed… Read more »

Two Fatal Accidents Kill Three

Within four hours and twelve miles of each other on Highway U.S. 264, two fatal wrecks took the lives of three people near Raleigh, NC last week. The first wreck happened around 1pm, when Raleigh resident Chauncey Freeman crossed over the 80-foot median into oncoming traffic, colliding with a tractor-trailer driven by 56-year-old Ronnie Taylor,… Read more »

Moped Crash Injures Raleigh Man

John Mahassey, a 27-year-old man, was injured while riding his moped in North Raleigh on Thursday, May 9th. As it stands, there is no information about the driver of the car that collided with Mr. Mahassey or how the crash occurred. Given how dangerous motorcycle and scooter crashes can be to those driving them, it’s… Read more »

The Danger of Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash injuries are normally caused by car accidents but can result from other accidents, and are usually dealt with, without legal representation. But with injuries like whiplash where it’s quite common for there to be delayed pain, retaining legal representation becomes an important step in the process toward your recovery. Whiplash is when the head… Read more »

National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

In a recent study done by AT&T, it was found that nearly half of all adults admitted to texting while driving compared to 43 percent of teens. April marks the beginning of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and in an effort to spread the word we here at Hardison Wood have created an infographic (below)… Read more »

95-Car Pileup on NC/VA Border

Sunday afternoon on Interstate 77 brought heavy fog and smoke from a nearby fire, creating nightmare driving conditions that led to a massive pileup, blocking traffic in both directions for hours. Despite advance warning signs in place to warn people, fog banks in the mountainous area can appear almost without warning, enveloping drivers and cutting… Read more »